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Health and Performance Coaching

How it works

Book a Meet & Greet

Meet with John and have a conversation about what you are looking to achieve

Strategic Planning

With a focus on long term success we engineer a flexible plan to move you forward


This can take place on-site at John's studio, on the field, or even online.  Private or semi-private sessions are available.


The evaluation takes place throughout the program as we adjust and learn based on your development

For Athletes


A meet and greet

In the initial meeting, we will get to know you and your child and start to build a rapport. From there we will determine what specific course of action will be needed to develop your child based on their fundamental movement skills and game evaluation. 


Strategic Planning

Building a plan is crucial to the long term success of development. However this plan is not rigid. The PLAN is flexible and subject to many variables. We will structure that variability and give cause to the dynamics of biology. There is no one like you or your child. 



This can be at our facility, on-field and even online. Coaching is a dynamic process of learning through small errors. We always strive to create the optimal learning environment for each athlete. Private and Semi-Private coaching is available.



Evaluating the success and challenges that come with motor development is paramount to creating clarity of the coaching process. Biology is not linear. Growth at specific intervals can not be predicted. We can always strive to be a little bit better. Better Beats Perfect! Using the KAIZEN method we as coaches, athletes and parents will strive to get better, together.

Not an athlete? No problem!

Health Coaching

Authentic Health Coaching also helps those suffering from chronic pain and injury. Would you like to be healthier and pain-free? 


We have health programs and sessions designed to take you from where you are to where you want to go. Want more energy? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?


Our programs are designed around 4 key health behaviors:


  1. Physical Activity

  2. Healthy Eating

  3. Sleep Hygiene

  4. Stress Management


Our INITIAL MEETING will determine which key health behavior you would like to change first and through the process of habit stacking and physical activity and personal training, we will get you back to winning the game of life. 


Book your INITIAL MEETING TODAY!!!! On-Site and On-Line Coaching is available.


Rich Martinez, NFL Official #39

John is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated health and performance coach. He is more than a workout guy or ‘in the gym trainer’. He takes a complete approach to the physical and mental needs of preparing for one’s sport. 


Prior to working with John, my body struggled with getting through an 11-game season. John moved me away from the standard barbells and into more loaded-movement training. As such I have improved my ability to perform at my highest level. 


The last few years my body has been able to endure a 20-game season, allowing me to feel as strong at the end of the season as I do in the preseason.  I have become more resilient and able to handle the rigors of officiating in the NFL.

Adrian Farmer, Father

I can not thank John enough for the development, guidance and professionalism he has shown with our 3 kids. His knowledge and care is unmatched. They wouldn’t be what they are without his mentor ship and direction. Thank you also to all the coaching staff at the Hive for the environment and culture they have created. From beginner to world class athlete, you will be better with John and his coaches in your corner. Thank you John for all you do and we look forward to continuing being part of the Hive culture.

Kim Archuleta, Mother

John has worked with my 12-year-old son for a few years and we have seen so much improvement in his strength and coordination.  My son plays elite soccer and was going through some growth spurt issues that affected his game as well as his confidence.  With John’s extensive knowledge about all things health and performance, he was able to help my son regain his coordination, balance, and speed.  My son has a renewed joy of the game and a new level of confidence and ALWAYS looks forward to his training sessions!

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