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Your Destination for Health and Performance Solutions

Hello and welcome to the official site of Authentic Health Coaching! My name is John Sinclair and I am an expert in health and performance.


I coach athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level.


I help people overcome injury and prescribe movement to aid in the healing and recovery process.


I educate coaches and personal trainers across the world in the art and science of coaching and programming for peak performance and health.


I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I offer in person or virtual training and many of my clients follow my world class online programs. 


As a Health and Human Performance Specialist I guide people to achieve their aspirations in all domains of performance.  I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist of 20 years and a Certified Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist and Certified Applied Functional Scientist. 

Frustrated by injuries and setbacks?

Mastery in Engineering Performance and Health.


I take a  holistic, scientific approach to programming which results in strong, powerful athletes who are resistant to declining performances.  If you are starting with me after an injury, we will assess, plan and ensure a return to sport, work or life that will yield continual performance enhancement.

I guide athletes and performers who need a coach with the expertise to apply functional science programming with the art of coaching to keep them resilient and performing at their peak potential.

I have travelled the world teaching fitness, health and sport professionals.  I have clients all over the world and have mentored fellow coaches in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


John Sinclair

John Sinclair has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the aspects of sport and the management of all training dynamics (technical-tactical, physical, mental, recovery/regeneration). John has developed a very specific programming algorithm to organize and enhance biological systems for the purpose of creating resiliency and enhancing health and human performance. John's extensive background in health and athletic training and the application of science blended with the art of coaching results in successful outcomes for clients.


Variability is the key to health and with careful and specific individualized programming we can significantly increase performance shorten recovery and drastically decrease the potential for overuse  injuries.

Some highlights


  • -  25 years of experience coaching at all levels of sport and life

  • - 75,000 + hours of private, semi-private and team training

  • - Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and Sport Performance

  • - 17 Certificates in coaching, science, nutrition, post-rehabilitation therapy, and sport performance 

  • - An educator for World Class Institutions, Education             Companies, Universities and Military.

  • - Author of articles for major publications, websites, blogs and       books

  • - Programming consultant for some of the World’s largest companies in sport, fitness and hospitality industries and governments

  • - World Wide recognition for Excellence in Personal Training

  • - Inventor and Research Consultant for Disease Prevention and Management

  • - Master coach and educator for 7 different companies in the Fitness Industry

  • - Coaches athletes in professional, semiprofessional and Olympic and Paralympic games including NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, NLL, MLS, WTA, AHL, WHL

  • - Competed and trained in 11 different sports including Hockey, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Curling, 100m, and 200m Sprints and 100 and 400m Relays, Long Jump, Discus, Cross Country Running, Golf, Olympic Weight Lifting.

  • - Coached amateur hockey and baseball.

  • - A life-long passion for sport and physical culture. 



Private and semi-private coaching- in person and virtual


Is your team or company looking for someone to develop programming or education ?


Would you like John to speak at your conference or university?


Sign up for a customized personal performance or health and nutrition coaching program.

What my Clients Say

Derrick Price

Health Professional

"Being a coach myself and having worked with and trained thousands of coaches throughout my career, I can easily say that John is one of the top coaches in the industry. What separates John from his peers is his ability to blend the science and art of coaching. "

The Piccirilli Family

"John has been working with my family since 2017.   His knowledge base surpasses that of any athletic trainer I have met.  He promotes a philosophy that emphasizes the overall health of the athlete in a world of many single sport athletes.  He educated us so that we understood the importance of a holistic approach to athletic training, and the necessity of recovery.   He was instrumental in the road to recovery of my daughter who experienced ACL surgery at the age of 14, both physically and mentally.  He has also been a wonderful mentor for my son, a competitive tennis player.  And he has been invaluable to my husband and I, helping us become healthier and stronger, improving our overall quality of life.  John’s approach to working with a client is holistic and comes from a place of wanting to promote healthy living for the long term.  Thank you, John!"

I was born to be a Health and Performance coach. Sport and Health have been my life's passion. I am very lucky to share my life's work with my clients and guide them to have the physical capacities to live their life and follow their passions

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