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Medical Exercise Training

As a Medical Exercise Professional I use safe and effective strategies and techniques to improve your overall health and functional capacity. After you have been cleared for post rehabilitation training by your physician and physical therapist or extended health care network, I work with your therapists to create a customized program for your medical condition or injury.

Authentic Medical Exercise Solutions

Movement is medicine. It heals us, it promotes cellular health, it keeps us young and it makes us happier. If you have chronic pain, metabolic disease, neurological disorders, sports injuries, pre or post surgical, motor vehicle accidents, an injury from work, or a postural syndrome I can help you feel better and mitigate some of the pain and discomfort you are currently experiencing. Getting healthier and keeping your active for life requires coaching and programming by increasing your functional strength and cardiovascular capacity. This is the path to resiliency, vitality and longevity.

Movement is Authentic Medicine

I started exercising with John Sinclair three years ago, in 2020.


At that time I just turned 60, weighted 215 lbs, and have never exercised in my life. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout and diabetes.


The beginning of our journey to fitness was incredibly challenging, as I was completely out of shape. Even the most basic exercise would leave me completely out of breath, and would rest for 5 minutes, completely exhausted.


John was incredibly patient and tailored our exercise regimen to my very limited abilities. He also made exercising fun, by sharing his amazing life stories, and quickly became a great friend.


Slowly and steadily he increased the complexity of my physical activity and encouraged me to explore the limits of my physical abilities.


Now, 3 years later, we work out daily. I have lost 45 lbs, my blood pressure is normal, and my type 2 diabetes is in remission.


But most importantly, I enjoy life to a completely different extent. I am able to climb hills, go on extended hikes, and feel young and energetic as if I am 30 again.


John Sinclair, without any exaggeration,  changed my life, and I am incredibly grateful for his dedication to my fitness journey, for his knowledge and skills. He is a true professional, with great compassion and understanding of human body and its limits.


Although we work out remotely and never met in person, he is my dear friend and a great mentor.


Many thanks and much gratitude, John Sinclair, my health journey is ongoing, can't wait to see where you will take me. - Dominick Shapko

John is a true champion for pain prevention, he has helped me so much on my rehab journey by shifting and adjusting my exercise and movement plan based on my symptoms and my energy levels. Having  worked closely with him for a while now I have complete confidence in his knowledge and experience and have real faith in his methods. I would recommend him to anyone looking to reduce pain symptoms, rehab an injury and become stronger. - Jackie


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