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Virtual Services

Access to Authentic Health Coaching from Anywhere


Virtual Personal Training

Technology has enabled us to book personal training sessions through a virtual experience. I have many clients across the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Using Zoom, FaceTime or Whats App you can always reach me for a 2 dimensional coaching experience! 

Training Programs

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If you need a program to follow on your own I got you! I build customized programs with the Institute of Motion Program Builder - I helped develop this technology and will create a special health or performance program that will come straight to your favorite device. Whatever you NEED I build.... CUSTOM! 

Virtual Coaching Testimonial

John, A recent Harvard Business School video argued that creating a plan is not strategy. Over the last 22 months, you have offered me vision, strategy, tactics, and education, while coaching me on the importance of recovery and adapting to daily changes in my body through HRV monitoring. To state that you ‘program’ my workouts is to grossly understate the scientific, practical, and holistic approach to you take to improve my performance. In 1993 I was active in Concept 2 Rowing. Now, 31 years later, I am faster, stronger, and have better recovery than I did back then. My times in the 2K row are 24 seconds faster …… 31 years later! And I have expanded to training and competing in the Concept 2 Ergathlon to include ski, row, and bike. This carries over the outdoor hiking in terms of seeking more rigorous uphill walks and, in 2023, some soft sand running. I like how you blend exercise science, your experience, and my readiness into every workout. Now more than ever I appreciate Farm Strong, Seven Movements, and Recovery. Lastly, I would be remiss if I failed to point out that you have done all of this on FaceTime. I have never met you, yet I’m getting the best personalized coaching I’ve ever had in my life. My cognitive performance, physical performance, and confidence have improved because of my relationship with you. From the bottom of my heart, THANKS ….. See you on FaceTime this Thursday at 7:00am!!! Kirk KIRK STURM, JD, PhD

Nutrition Coaching

Behind every successful training program is a Nutrition Coaching Plan and continued coaching. Most of us know what Healthy Eating looks like. I make nutrition simple and easy to understand. This customized approach is designed around finding what tools you need to succeed and providing the coaching to help you develop behaviors to sustain and achieve your nutrition goals.

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition - I am re-certified every 2 years

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"I recently engaged John’s services to obtain his perspectives on nutrition.  In my own situation, I am working through some major health challenges that have left me with a much smaller capacity for any kind of exercise than previously in my life, which has made weight management extremely difficult.

John, very quickly, got to the heart of the matter, with his salt of the earth way of explaining complex dietary matters with layman’s terms and logic. John’s kind hearted, motivational meeting with me left me feeling understood and cared for. It was a thorough non-judgemental conversation with someone who felt like  an old friend, who is just hoping to see my situation improve, and who was willing to offer whatever guidance that would nudge me in the right direction, no guilt, just real help from a really intelligent human, who really loves what he does.  He was able to make a frustrating complex matter, simple. His guidance has helped and will make decisions around food so much easier. 

Thanks John, super appreciate you!"- Renee Zuzak

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